Please Round to the Nearest 15 Minutes
4 Hour Daily Minimum Per Person








This is your Advanced Temporaries, Inc. employee’s time ticket. Please fill in hours worked to the nearest 15 minutes to certify the time worked and that the work has been performed in a satisfactory manner. The employee will be paid by Advanced Temporaries, Inc. and you will be billed for services. Please do not advance any money to the employee.

Company agrees that payment for the temporary employee services as shown on this ticket will be made when the invoice is rendered interest accruing 1 1/2 % per month will be charged on invoices after 30 days. If Advanced Temporaries, Inc. is required to engage the services of an attorney to secure collection of any bills or debts owing pursuant to this contract, the company using our services does hereby agree to attorney fees of 1/3 of the balance due.