EmploymentThere are several advantages of being a member of our temporary staff.  We provide transportation to and from all jobsites no matter the location.

We provide daily or weekly pay to all of our temporaries.  We also give our temporaries the opportunity of learning different skills from the hundreds of different jobsites.

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Advanced also offers positions in skilled labor for any employee willing to learn or already have the experience in a certain trade.

How We Work

How We WorkAdvanced Temporaries, Inc. works as a daily dispatch office.  This means our temporary staff is sent on assignments on a daily basis.

To receive an assignment, you need to report to our office Mon-Fri at opening (5:00AM).

We assign work all through our morning hours (5:00AM-10:00AM). We work on a first come first serve basis for all new assignments.

Advanced Temporaries provides you with:

  • Detailed check stub
  • Transportation to and from jobs
  • Safety Equipment
  • Basic Safety Manual
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Find permanent work without any fees

How Do I Sign Up?

Call one of our offices today to get started

2000 Hull Street
Phone (804)233-7328
Fax (804)233-3760

122 11th Street
Phone (757)533-9188
Fax (757)533-9166

Our office hours are 5:00AM-10:00AM in the morning and 3:00PM-6:00PM in the afternoon. Bring all necessary identification with you. Click here for maps to our office locations.