Specialized Service

You can expect the highest level of service from Advanced Temporaries, Inc. We can provide workers for all shifts 24 hours a day. We don’t sell empty promises. We are a small company with a sincere commitment to giving our customers the best service possible. We believe in earning your business.


Safety First

At Advanced Temporaries, Inc. safety comes first. We have a workers’ compensation mod rating of .75 and continue to improve safety policies to ensure clients’ work-sites and warehouses stay safe.


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Dependable Labor

We have a large reliable pool of employees to fill your staffing needs.  We recruit on a constant basis to provide our clients with quality employees.

We Can Provide Help In:

  • Construction
    • We can provide skilled and non-skilled labor at a competitive rate.
  • Warehouse Work
    • We can provide warehouse workers for special orders, seasonal workers, or just extra staff.
  • Assembly
    • We can provide qualified and experienced assembly staff.
  • Janitorial Work
    • Our workers are available 24 hours a day.
  • Landscaping
    • Bump up your seasonal staff quickly.
  • Moving
    • Call for extra hands for your moving job.
  • Certified Flagging
    • We have qualified and tested Certified Flaggers.
  • Pay-rolling
    • We can cover all of your payroll including workers’ comp and unemployment insurance.
  • Any other manual labor
    • We can handle all your manual labor needs.

Your flat hourly rate will include all:

  • Wages
  • Payroll Taxes and Withholding
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Transportation to and from jobs
  • Safety Equipment
  • Recruiting and Hiring Costs

No Obligations.
Should you decide to hire one of our employees permanently, there is no additional charge.

We ask that you use our services for at least 240 hours, per employee, to ensure that the employee is right for your company.

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